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An experienced SCORE Mentor can help you develop your skills and help you to grow your business. SCORE Mentors are active and retired business executives and entrepreneurs who donate their time and expertise as mentors. For more information online about mentoring or to schedule an appointment:
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SCORE Chapter 114 is the local Orange County chapter of SCORE, a non-profit association dedicated to helping small businesses. In a recent fiscal year, SCORE Orange County volunteers personally held more than 4,000 sessions with entrepreneurs and educated over 11,000 people in 350 workshops. An independent study concluded that in 2012, SCORE Orange County helped start 287 new businesses and create 1,615 new jobs. Find out more about SCORE 114.

You can attend weekly workshops given by experienced SCORE advisors that can help to increase your sales, productivity, and profitability! Choose from over 90 low-cost or no-cost sessions a year, given at various locations throughout Orange County. For topics and locations see:
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About SCORE-

The SCORE Association was founded in 1964 and has approximately 370 chapters throughout the United States and its territories and over 11,200 volunteers. In the 1970s, when SCORE chapters were formed, the organization expanded its services to offer workshops and seminars on a variety of business topics. In 1996, SCORE began providing small business advice via email to meet the changing demands of the information technology age. To date, SCORE has served more than 8.5 million clients. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Recent comments from
SCORE clients to their Mentors:

It was great to meet you and spend one on one time with you. You gave me great material to work with. After reviewing the business model canvas I was more aware of the areas I am lacking experience and knowledge in.

-Thank you

We’ll have a go at crafting our pitch for our next meeting. Really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us yesterday. We left our discussion feeling refreshed and like we have some solid action steps to pursue. We’re going to put together a list of retailers and their contacts, update our business plan with some financials and see if we can track down some distributors or manufacturer’s reps. 

Thank you again for your time! 

Upcoming Special Events

for the dynamic Women in Business Breakfast
Friday Aug 3rd, 2018

Deborah Kagan

Discover how to instantly ignite your M.O.J.O. to increase the ROI in your business. Plus, learn why what you’re doing isn’t the key factor to your success…it’s something much more powerful.


"MOJO: Your Secret Success Weapon!"

Deborah Kagan is a Speaker, Best Selling Author and Mentor to women in over 19 countries. She is the founder and creator of the Rock Your Mojo programs and events. As a philanthropist, Deborah is the Executive Producer of VDAY Santa Monica and on the Advisory Board of Peace Over Violence.

During this presentation you will learn:

   -Discover the truth behind what it takes to access YOUR power (and why it’s crucial to your personal and professional success AND how it’s easier than you realize)

  -Access the four pillars to attract powerful, profitable opportunities and the people to support you along the way.

   -Discover the 3 big red flags you need to know because they are the self-sabotage indicators that most people are unaware that they’re doing on a daily basis

   -How to build your mojo muscles so that you can consistently create breakthroughs in 2018 filled with enthusiasm and a clear path to achieve your goals

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

Women in Business Breakfast 2016

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